Some days I wonder about the nature of bees.  Today I’m thinking that the bees in the two hives in my backyard are probably teenagers!

A couple of nights ago, I wanted to treat the hives with vapourized oxalic acid to help fight varroa mites (here’s a clear little YouTube video that talks about varroa mites…the first 2 minutes anyways, the treatment described is just one option…not the one I use).  It was later in the evening and getting dark but, the bees in my backyard were still hanging out on their front porches.  I know, it was still warm and they were cooling off but, it seemed like a bunch of them were just chillin with their pals.  I decided to treat them early in the morning instead.

The next morning I wandered down to the meadow at 7:00 am to treat the hive there and was surprised that many of the bees were already out and about.  Apparently they are earlier risers than the ones in my backyard.  I decided to treat the meadow hive anyway, but I’m going to have to try to make the next meadow hive treatment in the evening as they seem to be all home then.

So, the meadow hive is quiet early in the evening and up early in the morning.  The backyard hives stay up late at night and sleep in.  I guess they’re teenagers.  Here’s the video evidence from 7:00 am the next day (the frame was there for cleaning by the bees and yes, I added the cricket sounds to the video :)).