What do you call your various hives?  We had a bit of a funny discussion about that and eventually came up with a rather numeric, clinical system that we hope will work…but I’m sure names like “meadow hive” will still come into play.

C = colony (the super organism with one queen and thousands of other bees all doing their thing)
H= hive (the actual boxes and equipment to house the colony)

So, our original hive is C1H1 (not to be confused with H1N1!).  The second nuc that we purchased if C2H1.   That makes the swarm hive, or the meadow hive, C1H2.  Seems to make sense to us and traces various colonies back to their originals.

As we were working on the nomenclature, I was also registering the hive (C1H2 and C2H1 to be precise) using their online form at www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/industry/agriculture-seafood/animals-and-crops/animal-production/bees   Pretty simple stuff to help maintain statistics and aid in the communication of disease issues etc.  I couldn’t believe it when one weekend and two days later a letter arrived at my home to confirm the registration and give us the new apiary registration number.  Wow – those BC bee people are quick!

colony registration