I think there might be a book here – “My Life as a Beevangelist – True Confessions from a left-leaning Beekeeper.”  A self-help, come to the light kinda thing.  It will be an easy read, make you want to get up and get involved and perhaps even make a few adjustments in your life.  But, in a few short days, you’ll have forgotten the content, slid back to how you used to live and you’ll be left wanting more.  Perhaps you’ll head to Amazon, or maybe Munro’s Books for another, similar read.

Earlier this week, I ended up at Smuggler’s Cove with a couple of friends for a pint and some wings.  It’s not very busy on Monday evening so it was a great spot to chat and connect about life.  A couple hours and pints later, it had been a great conversation but, we realized that we basically talked about bees the whole time.  Yes, ‘real’ life worked its way in and out of the conversation but the common thread was definitely the life of a honey bee.

When you think about it, the inner workings of a colony of bees is really quite amazing.  Bees are one of the most, if not the most studied insect on the planet and yet, we are still mystified by much of their life.  They are amazing, complex creatures with thousands of them often working as one living organism.  As a Beeginner beekeeper, I’m on a steep learning curve.  There’s a whole other language and terminology which I mix up a times but which helps to explain some of the mystery.

The next day, my two friends texted that they had good conversations about bees with their spouses and co-workers.  Yup, Beevangelism…and I’m a Beevangelist!  (Thanks for the term, Dr. H).