When an email from the local bee club included an invite to the President’s yard for a bee discussion and possible “hive dive” how could I say no?  This is a push for an initiative to set up smaller, geographical groups that can meet between the monthly large group sessions.  Seems like a great idea – a good way to learn from each other and get to know other club members a bit better too.

So today it was off to Bill’s house.  Admittedly, I’m not from Gordon Head so technically I’m not in his geographical region.  I’m sure a group in my area will form but for now, I’m happy to see how other people are doing this beekeeping thing!

small group 1

This eclectic assortment of beekeepers made for an interesting couple of hours of free-flowing conversation.  Topics ranged from integrated pest management (controlling varroa) to feeders, storing equipment and more.

Bill’s hive was very active and of great interest to us mostly new keepers.  It was great to see his queen as she made a brief appearance.

I’m sure there will be more groups like this.  Perhaps not rocket science, but a great way to garner more ideas, bounce some around, get some assistance in hive management…and perhaps sample some honey later in the year!

Small bee groups?  Highly recommended.  Thanks for hosting, Bill.