Over the past couple of weeks, I took a bee keeping course at Royal Roads University.   One of the many things we looked at and talked about was inner covers for bee hives. Mine didn’t have an entrance on one side so I decided to take a stab at making one.

Here’s the one we were looking at, courtesy of Tugwell Creek Honey Farm.

It seemed pretty straight forward for so, with my new multi-tool which had been purchased for a bathroom reno, a drill and screwdriver, voila.  Tens minutes later there was a new entrance on my inner cover.

The entrance can be closed or open depending on the current hive scenario.  Suddenly it’s much more versatile and useful.  One note – something that I’ve learned from experience in other projects, be sure to drill a pilot hole for the screw.  If you don’t, the thin piece of wood is sure to crack.

I’m now looking forward to other hive building projects!