What do you get when a bunch of bee keeping wanna-bees take a course at a local university?  Universibees! 🙂

Royal Roads University offers a range of courses as  part of its continuing studies program.  It’s a pretty diverse offering and includes, of course, “Bee Keeping: An Introductory Course.”  The 25 of us in the class had an eclectic look.  It was great to see a range of people from this area interested in starting or continuing with bee keeping.  Most were hobbyists, like me, but some sounded like they were planning on getting into honey and other products in a pretty serious manner.

It was a strange feeling of convergence when I realized that some of the graphs in the course notes were taken from “The Biology of the Honey Bee” by Mark Winston, a book that a colleague of mine has recently lent me!  The instructor had worked with Dr. Winston at Simon Fraser University and brought a certain academic flair with him.  I appreciated the seemingly research based approach to the course – and thanks to Tugwell Creek Honey Farm for letting Bob out to teach the course 🙂   In another small world, welcome to Victoria, twist, Bob is also a member of the Capital Region Bee Keepers Association and I’ll bump into him there regularly.

What does one learn at Universibee?  It was a good range of history, physiology and bee management.  There were many little nuggets gleaned – and also several connections that will certainly prove valuable in the future.  The field day with the bees was a highlight and served to cement a lot of the concepts.

All in all, well worth the investment to find a course like this.