One recommended resource by a wide range of people, including those in a Beekeeping Techniques facebook page is Howland Blackiston’s “Beekeeping for dummies.”  Yes, I’m in that category and have found this book to be a great go-to guide for a huge range of beekeeping topics.

Here’s a great quote from chapter 8, “understandingbeekeeping for dummies 2 when to look and what to look for makes the difference between being a “beekeeper” and a “beehaver.”   Well said! 🙂  The title of the chapter is a good one too, “What to Expect When You’re Inspecting.”  I’m sure there’s a copyright infringement there but it’s a great knock off a the books we read when expecting children!  It seems that the bees are a bit more predicable then the children, but just barely.




The tidbits that Blackiston gives around hive inspections are priceless.  It’s helped us record the health of the hive and monitor the progess effectively.  Looking forward to the honey super section in the future!beekeeping-for-dummies-3.jpg

Another great resource for the beekeeping bookshelf.