fondant feeding04 nov 20November 20 – feeling a bit wintery if you watched the Ottawa/Edmonton CFL game today but, on the west end of the country it was close to 10 degrees Celsius.  I was curious to see what the bees were up to and surprised to see several of them flying in and out of the hive.  They must have been a bit out of sorts as a couple of them ended up in my hair and others were definitely slow in getting back into the hive.  Don’t worry, I helped the hair ones get back too.

The bees seem to be appreciating the fondant cake on top of the inner cover.  I took a peek and saw dozens of them enjoying the snack.  Amazing, really.  In the video below, you can see that the cake is more eaten closer to the hole in the inner cover.  Makes sense, but it’s still cool to think about the hundreds of proboscisis (sp?) working away at the cake.

Here’s a little video of the ‘action’ today.