vaporizer 05At one of the beekeepers meetings a few months ago, there was a presentation about a wide range of treatments for the control of varroa mites.  Nasty little things that are killing off our bees!

 An interesting list of pros and cons for the various treatments as presented…producing some confusion in my mind as to what was the best method.  A classic German beekeeper entrepreneur seemed to have the best solution – an oxalic acid vapourizer.  So, the next meeting and a bit of cash later I too was ready to zap the mites.

 However, the apparatus requires a 12V power supply – normally a car battery.  But, I don’t have one kicking around and I can’t get my car close to the bees.  After some experimenting, a little cash and the enlisting the help of a local physics teacher, I can now just plug it in an it works great!   Well, for an urban beekeeper anyways.  One with an outlet nearby!

In the middle of my tinkering, I came across an article that seems to validate the idea. It’s good to see what looks like some legitimate science at work to back the idea.

Hopefully the bees are now mite free for the winter months….I hope.