This summer, on the way to a cabin with ‘family’ (which was a whole other great adventure that you could write a book about) we stopped at a bookstore to get some summertime reading.   “The Bee Book”, a Dorling Kindersley book with sevearl authors was a great purchase!  We usually grab things from the library but this looked like a great reference and coffee table purchase.

the bee book 2As beginner beekeepers, it’s tough to remember specifics on the wide range of topics that we wonder about.  This book has become one of our go-to resources.  It’s written pretty simply but covers a wide range of important areas.  The many colour photographs and diagrams are very helpful as we continue to stumble along with this hobby.

the bee book 4.jpgOne of the interesting little bits of information was around “Vision, color and pattern.”  It’s intriguing to think about what the bees actually see and process and as a result how they see flowers.  The UV range that we cannot see must reveal an entire new world to the honey bee.  You have to wonder what they see when we approach the hive.  As red is outside of their range, what does a red shirt look like…or a red flower for that matter?


Another bit of interest is flower constancy.  I had heard about this before, but it was good to read about bees continuing to visit a particular flower until a better source is found.  Makes sense, and also leads to specific types of honey – or so I’ve heard.


the bee book 3

The Bee Book – thumbs up and recommended as a coffee table resource.