This is our first September with bees.  Although we’ve done a bunch of reading and gone to the beekeepers association meetings, we still don’t really know what to expect.  There is a lot of action in and out of the hive and, from my limited background, what appears to be a lot of pollen still available.


We have been feeding the bees (2:1 sugar water) but I’m not sure how much to give them.  They consumed large quantities in a short time so hopefully they are staying healthy.  Next year we’ll have to keep track of how much we feed them so we can do some annual comparisons.

There’s still a lot of flowers available – many in our yard so it’s fun to see our bees on the flowers.  A few photos give you an idea on the number of bees.

And, check out this video.  It seems the guard bees are still doing their job!