Perhaps I should have read a little more about how to use a smoker  Other than that, our first hive inspection went really well.

It was great to see that, after one week, the bees have been busy pulling comb and filling it with nectar and pollen.  We found the queen (we think) and saw some uncapped larvae so, she must be doing well.

For now, after about 10-12 minutes the bees were starting go get a bit agitated so we closed it up while we were still ahead. We’re ready with another brood chamber – I’m guessing a couple of weeks and that might be needed.

 We shot another video that shows our journey:

smokerSure, it looks like great smoke but, it only lasted for about 3-5 minutes so we didn’t really use it very effectively.

It was a good thing the bees were petty tame.