At the last Beekeeper meeting that I went to they said you should register your bees…wait, I guess I’m now a beekeeper! 🙂

Anyway, I dug around the Capital Region Beekeepers website and found a link to the form on the BC Ministry of Agriculture site.

One of the lines on the form says, “Pursuant to the provisions of the Bee Act, Sections 3 and 4(1), honeybees must be kept in a registered apiary.” Who knew?  But, by filling in a very simple form, I now meet the requirements of the Bee Act.


 The link to download a pdf version of the form from their site doesn’t work..but it is on their new site. Can’t wait to receive my Beekeeper ID number from the province 🙂

It’s been so far, so good but, I think a beekeeping course of some sort might be in our future.