About 10 years ago, one of my sons was very interested in beekeeping.  As a ten year old he was keen on getting a hive so he did some research and we ended up visiting an elderly man who had bees for years.  He was a great guy who gave us some honey comb and a couple of classic bee books:  The Joys of Beekeeping by Richard Taylor @1974 and First Lessons in Beekeeping by C.P. Dadant @1976.  While the first is a wonderful story of the adventures of beekeeping the second is equally as valuable as a how to manual.

The honey was great, the books are still with us but, unfortunately, we moved a couple of times and our setting wasn’t very bee friendly.  That said, we did look into bees a little in Winnipeg but, the winters were a little harsh, thanks.

Now that we are living in Victoria, BC it seems reasonable to start a new hobby.  Turns out that my son is still interested in bee keeping too!   The neighbours are all in agreement of the project and there is a local beekeepers meeting next week.   As a good friend says, “Why not?”

Here we go…this may or may not be a long term project.